What is Assembly Machinery?

Before the Industrial Revolution, most manufacturing of items was done by a single craftsman. From start to finish, one person would work to create an item before moving onto the next, often leading to long wait times for production and the need for a great amount of skills for a craftsman. With the creation of the assembly line, and later machined assembly, the process of production could be broken up into various steps and work stations that allowed for multiple employees and machines to service parts of an item at a time. This allowed for the reduction of production time, as well as the division of manufacturing labor. In this article, we will give a short overview of assembly machinery and their part in modern manufacturing.

With the creation and refinement of machinery, precise, autonomous movement and production can be achieved. Assembly machinery serves functions in many facets of the manufacturing industry, namely production, assembly, and packaging. Computer assisted design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technology has allowed for precise measurements and production. With conveyor belts, the efficient movement of items for machinery and workers becomes simple. Conveyor belts move the item to the next machine or worker after a step of production is complete, and it also serves as the surface for the machine to work on. This allows for both the machines and personnel to work quickly without much downtime or delay.

Assembly machinery proves beneficial in many regards and is very cost effective. In assembly lines where there may be danger posed to workers, machines can achieve the desired action while keeping workers safe. Machinery also allows for employees to accomplish various tasks with more ease and efficiency as compared to early assembly lines. With assembly machines, manufacturing facilities can achieve a great balance of safety and cost.

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