What is Bypass Rotameter?

Posted on November 25, 2020 Jack Kartan Aerospace

A bypass rotameter refers to a system that is made for measuring accurate data regarding the fluid rate of flow in pipelines. Normally it is used to measure larger pipes including those that are eleven and a half inches in diameter or larger. This can be done with a decent bypass flow that is directly proportional to the main flow. Also known as an inference type rotameter is useful because of its accuracy and durability. For a more detailed look at what a bypass rotameter is and what it does, read the article below.

A bypass rotameter created differential pressure by supplying an orifice plate to the main line. Due to the differential pressure, fluid flows through branch pipes provided across the upstream and downstream sides of the orifice plate. An additional range orifice plate is provided in the by-pass line as flow through the by-pass line will be in proportion with the main line. Some standard features of a bypass rotameter include easy installation and maintenance, and the fact that it is low cost compared to other meter measuring pars.The pipe size for most rotameter parts range from 40 NB to 300 NB. Additionally, it has a duo tone powder coated excellent finish with zero threads, no leakage, and no risk of corrosion. The bypass rotameter has a heavy duty makeup with maximum visibility and offers various options for material of construction of wetted parts.

Bypass rotameters are useful in the chemical process industry and with researchers, there are two lines, with there being a main line and bypass line (hence the name). Inside of the main pipe line, there is an orifice plate and it is due to this differential pressure that is created that only a small degree of airflow slides through the bypass line. By measuring flow from the bypass line, you can then be able to have an educated guess on how much flow there actually is through the main line of the pipe.

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