Lucent Technologies Inc – NSN Parts Catalog page 60

CAGE Code: 01714, 3B4M0, 07UP3, 1B4N1, 07NE5, Z9676, 05YC5, 06UV5, 080W4, 1K705, 0YL13, 3FV88, 06KW9, 06JV9, 1C2F8

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100 93 5940-00-199-9588 Terminal Lug Avl RFQ
100024 5950-00-392-0140 Coil Electrical Avl RFQ
102 962 552 5995-01-073-5975 Cable Assembly Telephone Avl RFQ
104428495 5950-01-294-8539 Transformer Power Avl RFQ
106954449 5325-01-231-0385 Grommet Avl RFQ
123375 5935-00-392-1922 Plug Electrical Avl RFQ
131935 5935-00-900-5739 Connector Plug Electrical Avl RFQ
144167 5340-00-945-4119 Ferrule Grooved Clamp Coupling Avl RFQ
146802 5930-00-728-3138 Switch Slide Avl RFQ
154176 5340-00-676-6997 Bracket Double Angle Avl RFQ
154248 5310-00-789-6256 Nut Sheet Spring Avl RFQ
156861 5325-00-706-8771 Ring Retaining Avl RFQ
15AFUSEH0LDER 5920-00-519-9715 Fuseholder Receptac Avl RFQ
171304TYPE531 5930-00-525-1227 Switch Lever Avl RFQ
171973 5935-00-008-8447 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
177627 5905-00-678-7169 Resistor Fixed Comp Avl RFQ
182631 5998-00-408-4229 Circuit Card Avl RFQ
184056 5305-00-518-6199 Screw Assembled Was Avl RFQ
202AREPEATINGCO.. 5950-00-553-4344 Coil Telephone Avl RFQ
249BJACK 5935-00-234-2122 Jack Telephone Avl RFQ
312813 5935-01-034-1836 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
328001 5935-00-411-3676 Socket Electrical Avl RFQ
330902 7690-00-621-8762 Label Avl RFQ
332029 5307-00-408-7322 Stud Special Avl RFQ
334536 6130-00-003-5346 Power Supply Subassembly Avl RFQ
336421 5998-00-162-9243 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
339820 5962-00-615-4216 Microcircuit Digital Avl RFQ
343802 9905-01-089-1117 Plate Identificatio Avl RFQ
402539 5305-01-073-5735 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
424CWDIAL INTER.. 5998-01-028-1051 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
485FDIODE 5961-00-521-1932 Semiconductor Devic Avl RFQ
500083 5930-00-198-6746 Switch Lever Avl RFQ
73220 5998-01-339-9386 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
776543 147C 5996-00-543-0913 Amplifier Audio Frequency Avl RFQ
82075 5360-00-526-1651 Spring Helical Extension Avl RFQ
8515215 5365-00-857-2701 Ring Seal Avl RFQ
8529174 5935-00-679-7684 Adapter Connector Avl RFQ
94281 6240-00-153-6515 Lamp Incandescent Avl RFQ
98452 5935-00-257-7051 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
9995552 5930-00-939-6936 Switch Rotary Avl RFQ
AF139RELAY 5945-00-067-8600 Armature Relay Avl RFQ
AJ100RELAY 5945-00-858-4694 Relay Electromagnet Avl RFQ
B 105876 3 5935-00-258-9016 Connector Receptacl Avl RFQ
BA89540 5940-00-204-9734 Terminal Board Avl RFQ
BA98242-9 5310-00-530-9394 Nut Plain Spline Avl RFQ
D161893AU 5930-00-252-8765 Switch Lever Avl RFQ
D161950 6250-00-669-5617 Lampholder Avl RFQ
D162707CM2000 5905-00-102-1136 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Nonind Avl RFQ
D164645 5950-00-255-2229 Transformer Power Avl RFQ
D172168HP 5930-00-407-3126 Switch Lever Avl RFQ
ES0610699-46 5310-00-291-2984 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
ESL662646ISSUE2 5935-00-241-2066 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
G205791-1 5310-00-639-7435 Washer Split Avl RFQ
G207239ISSUE1DE.. 5330-00-197-9612 Packing Preformed Avl RFQ
G213552PT2 5905-00-549-6173 Resistor Fixed Wire Avl RFQ
G243740 14 5935-00-581-7495 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
G280148-4 5355-00-111-7571 Pointer Dial Avl RFQ
G302156-1 5310-00-880-9344 Washer Lock Avl RFQ
G302224 76 5940-00-177-4486 Terminal Board Avl RFQ
G315229 5950-00-710-8287 Transformer Audio Frequency Avl RFQ
G320905J561 5905-00-415-1615 Resistor Fixed Comp Avl RFQ
G334311 5998-01-111-7834 Printed Wiring Board Avl RFQ
G354672 2920-01-008-9989 Wiring Harness Branched Avl RFQ
G354826 5961-01-008-9997 Semiconductor Devic Avl RFQ
G354917 5305-00-716-8537 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ
G360387 5998-01-008-4697 Printed Circuit Board Avl RFQ
G366716 5315-01-011-5589 Pin Shoulder Headle Avl RFQ
G395862-37 5310-00-155-3936 Washer Lock Avl RFQ
G589273 5998-01-048-3881 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G589330 5998-01-050-1776 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G589442 5998-01-048-3887 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G592608 2520-01-216-9317 Boot Power Transmission Componen Avl RFQ
G612806 5935-00-789-6082 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
G628159 5935-00-102-0229 Plug Telephone Avl RFQ
G727363-2 5340-01-008-9980 Cover Access Avl RFQ
G814221 5998-01-138-0067 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
GA10874L91 5910-00-102-0147 Capacitor Fixed Plastic Dielectric Avl RFQ
GA51192L5 5935-00-763-2535 Connector Plug Electrical Avl RFQ
GA51379 5950-00-295-7341 Transformer Power Avl RFQ
GA52755 5950-00-538-3500 Transformer Audio Frequency Avl RFQ
GS15460 5996-00-661-1151 Amplifier Trigger Pulse Avl RFQ
GS58526 5950-00-722-3546 Transformer Power Avl RFQ
GS64261 5996-00-859-4538 Amplifier Electronic Control Avl RFQ
GS67189 5915-00-106-0304 Filter Band Pass Avl RFQ
KS13035LIST1 5930-00-247-4941 Switch Rotary Avl RFQ
KS13491L2 68000.. 5905-00-188-9856 Resistor Fixed Composition Avl RFQ
KS13961 5995-00-504-0285 Cable Assembly Radio Frequency Avl RFQ
KS5582ISSUE4FIG.. 6125-00-245-7201 Dynamotor Avl RFQ
KS5649L1 5930-00-547-3779 Switch Sensitive Avl RFQ
KS5910L02 5945-00-190-5800 Relay Electromagnet Avl RFQ
KS9880 5950-00-508-1660 Coil Electrical Avl RFQ
P383042ISSUE1 5310-00-198-3705 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
P7703729REV5PT6 5935-00-395-8181 Backshell Electrical Connector Avl RFQ
R1803 7520-00-071-4691 Rubber Stamp Set Fi Avl RFQ
S0C66979 5935-00-507-8146 Jack Assembly Tip Avl RFQ

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