Lucent Technologies Inc – NSN Parts Catalog page 61

CAGE Code: 01714, 3B4M0, 07UP3, 1B4N1, 07NE5, Z9676, 05YC5, 06UV5, 080W4, 1K705, 0YL13, 3FV88, 06KW9, 06JV9, 1C2F8

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100 84 5305-00-208-0076 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
100738269 5930-01-036-9354 Switch Hook Avl RFQ
103607 5995-00-164-7780 Cable Assembly Power Electrical Avl RFQ
105246 5342-00-370-1441 Bracket Assembly Avl RFQ
106036960 6145-01-394-3131 Cable Special Purpose Electrical Avl RFQ
10668120 3020-00-297-2429 Gear Spur Avl RFQ
107116 5310-00-209-0909 Washer Lock Avl RFQ
1073 5305-00-207-4969 Thumbscrew Avl RFQ
107389 5306-00-407-6158 Bolt Sholder Avl RFQ
109E63 5315-00-290-5280 Pin Straight Headle Avl RFQ
123377 5935-00-392-1924 Backshell Electrical Connector Avl RFQ
124516 5325-00-805-0530 Grommet Avl RFQ
125197 5305-00-286-8946 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
129562 5330-00-171-6616 Felt Mechanical Preformed Avl RFQ
130197 3020-00-901-2558 Gear Spur Avl RFQ
130696 5310-00-729-6528 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
144756 3040-00-912-0125 Shaft Straight Avl RFQ
150491 5342-00-370-0432 Bracket Avl RFQ
150931 5330-00-370-0675 Gasket Avl RFQ
151225 5330-00-370-0135 Felt Mechanical Pre Avl RFQ
156877 5310-00-729-6527 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
181323 5360-00-052-5739 Spring Helical Extension Avl RFQ
182A 6 22 RVAR 6145-00-284-1495 Cable Telephone Avl RFQ
183111 7690-00-562-9998 Marker Identificati Avl RFQ
257APLUG 5935-00-224-3376 Plug Telephone Avl RFQ
309507 5999-00-110-3383 Contact Electrical Avl RFQ
332179 5360-00-007-2033 Spring Special Avl RFQ
334700 6130-00-733-9351 Power Supply Assemb Avl RFQ
400019 5360-01-020-6367 Spring Helical Extension Avl RFQ
402543 5315-01-028-4776 Pin Shoulder Headle Avl RFQ
405728213 5930-01-350-8253 Switch Rotary Avl RFQ
51C6493PT55 5330-00-641-0690 Packing With Retain Avl RFQ
61A53F55 5999-00-076-4087 Delay Line Avl RFQ
677311-3 5325-00-286-5544 Post Snapslide Fastener Avl RFQ
70891 5310-00-027-4733 Washer Lock Avl RFQ
74952 5305-00-286-9222 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
7614565 5935-00-764-9683 Connector Plug Elec Avl RFQ
78745 5310-00-448-3982 Nut Cap Avl RFQ
9141417 5310-00-813-1226 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
956003674204 6130-01-408-6283 Battery Power Suppl Avl RFQ
A165287-6 5360-00-223-1112 Spring Helical Compression Avl RFQ
AFA101 6145-00-548-2115 Cable Telephone Avl RFQ
AT8583HX 5325-01-171-8770 Grommet Nonmetallic Avl RFQ
B461753 5940-00-186-5965 Terminal Board Avl RFQ
BA55304 5330-00-559-2713 Seal Plain Encased Avl RFQ
BA98143ISSUE2 5935-00-500-9205 Connector Receptacl Avl RFQ
BL709530 5355-00-760-5689 Pointer Dial Avl RFQ
BL712398 5307-00-760-7609 Stud Plain Avl RFQ
BL93180-3 3020-00-760-6442 Gear Spur Avl RFQ
D151364PC70 6105-00-507-9621 Motor Alternating C Avl RFQ
D162237 5915-00-186-6482 Filter Band Pass Avl RFQ
ED 4C610 30 G4 6110-01-336-5505 Distribution Box Avl RFQ
EP288693 5355-00-160-6131 Knob Avl RFQ
ESA678315 10 5935-00-180-0317 Socket Plug In Electronic Compon Avl RFQ
G210999 6130-00-437-8005 Rectifier Metallic Avl RFQ
G243030 42 5935-00-614-0504 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
G243260 2 5905-00-561-8173 Resistor Adjustable Avl RFQ
G243740 51 5935-00-614-0498 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
G243743 59 5935-00-581-3189 Connector Plug Electrical Avl RFQ
G302439-9 5310-00-209-0375 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
G354559 5305-00-716-8655 Thumbscrew Avl RFQ
G354579 3010-01-011-9160 Disk Clutch Nonvehi Avl RFQ
G375408 4720-01-216-7676 Tubing Nonmetallic Avl RFQ
G383744 2 5330-01-013-0981 Packing Preformed Avl RFQ
G396002-2 5305-00-140-2274 Screw Assembly Panel Avl RFQ
G590886 5998-01-041-3293 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G621418 5998-01-090-8445 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G625558 5305-01-314-2393 Screw Cap Socket He Avl RFQ
G641394 5935-01-183-9283 Connector Plug Electrical Avl RFQ
G643432 4730-00-196-1471 Nipple Pipe Avl RFQ
G806627 5998-01-065-5722 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G820952-2 5330-01-183-9278 Packing Preformed Avl RFQ
GA10646 5950-00-581-8355 Transformer Power Avl RFQ
GA51834 6130-00-604-9276 Power Supply Avl RFQ
GA52374L1 6130-00-583-3265 Rectifier Metallic Avl RFQ
GA53314A7321 5905-00-231-3543 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
GS18390 6130-00-724-8469 Power Supply Avl RFQ
GS67949 5998-01-027-7745 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
ITE2460 5935-00-770-1928 Connector Plug Elec Avl RFQ
KS 21226 L7 5930-01-351-4585 Switch Pressure Avl RFQ
KS13719 5935-00-258-3033 Socket Plug In Electronic Compon Avl RFQ
KS14444L54 5930-01-367-8476 Switch Lever Avl RFQ
KS16786L1 5935-00-813-5600 Connector Electrica Avl RFQ
KS5807L03 6105-00-109-2311 Motor Direct Current Avl RFQ
KS5829L03 6105-00-669-6030 Motor Direct Current Avl RFQ
KS5910L11 3 5945-00-244-4274 Relay Electromagnet Avl RFQ
KS9943L64 5910-00-190-9418 Capacitor Fixed Mica Dielectric Avl RFQ
P116756 5305-00-639-0909 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
P290877 5355-00-667-9092 Knob Avl RFQ
P7703729REV5PT4 5935-00-259-6044 Backshell Electrical Connector Avl RFQ
PEC 94036 5965-01-337-0250 Handset Avl RFQ
PT1TYPER30A 5999-00-128-8873 Cap Electrical Avl RFQ
SB 010013 PL FI.. 6145-01-436-3728 Cable Special Purpo Avl RFQ
SB 010013 PL P .. 6130-01-434-3696 Power Supply Avl RFQ
SU 2443 5961-01-016-7857 Semiconductor Devic Avl RFQ

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