Bell Helicopter Rebrands to Bell

Bell Helicopter, a company and global manufacturer of aircrafts under Textron Inc., recently disclosed their rebranding to be known simply as “Bell.” By developing a new branding strategy along with created a more modern logo for the company, it can be noted that the company is focusing and planting their focus on both innovation and customer experience. Bell will follow through with the rebranding of the company within the next year.

President and CEO of Bell, Mitch Snyder, emphasizes that Bell does not only focus on helicopters. Their team focuses and for the past eighty years has been pushing their boundaries of flight and with this rebranding, hope to reflect this goal accurately. Snyder states that the rebranding to Bell will portray the company’s goal of innovation without taking away from their main goal and mission of supplying safe and unmatched experiences to their customers.

The most obvious and notable update, besides the brand name change, is the company’s new modernized logo. Bell hoped to put the spotlight on the fast pursuit of flight by depicting a dragonfly, while also rooting the logo with a shield, which portrays Bell’s unrivaled reputation in both reliability and quality. Snyder notes that the dragonfly is known to have abilities of taking off and landing as it pleases. They are fast and efficient in all directions and can hover at will. The dragonfly, according to Snyder, symbolizes the “mastery of flight,” which is a goal Bell hopes to also achieve.

 Bell recently held hands with FutureBrand, a global strategic brand that also focuses in design consultancy. FutureBrand was chosen to lead the company’s first rebranding since Textron Inc. acquired the defense portion of Bell Aircraft Corporation in 1960 (parts of these businesses went on to become Bell Helicopter). The process of rebranding began in the summer of 2017. The rebranding helped the company to shift focus onto the company’s communications, which more accurately reflected how employees go above the means to bring the best experience of flight to customers.

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