Airbus Widens their List Contacts for Sky Wise Maintenance Program

Posted on May 28, 2018 Jack Kartan Aerospace

Airbus, along with the help of Palantir have created a predictive maintenance program that has prevented malfunctions and accidents in the recent years. Launched at the 2017 Paris Air Show the program named Skywise has already attracted many big names in the industry. New signees such as WOW air, Small Planet, and Primerica Air have proudly joined the newly innovative system. The companies primary goal is to provide companies with Predictive maintenance upon their aircraft and some companies their entire fleets.

Predictive maintenance can be described as a precautions maintenance technique that monitors and tests the machinery in the aircraft that allows for failure to be prevented.

Airlines and aerospace companies have really placed their trust into Skywise to maintain their aircraft as their recent deal with EasyJet seals them into a five-year contract, which will be responsible for their entire fleet over of 2000 aircraft.

Skywise has structured their company to be a bipolar system allowing multiple avenues of input information to be shared with into a single system to participating companies. The first of the two components of their new and innovative system would be what Skywise calls their cloud-based program.

“ Airlines using Skywise Core can integrate their own operational, maintenance, and aircraft data into the Skywise cloud, so they can store, access, manage, and analyze selected Airbus data together with their own data and global benchmarks without the need for additional infrastructure investments. “

The Second component of the Skywise system allows for Skywise clients to participate in having what is known as premium access to the Skywise. The perks of the premium system allow for further access to more insights and more features to help the companies stay connected with their fellow Skywise members.

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