Airod Handed Over the First Upgraded Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri

Asap Semi upgrades their systems monthly to keep up with competitors and innovated from other companies. We also like to upgrade things to keep up with suppliers and stay in the game. Airod recently gave Sikorsky their first upgrade to their S-61A-4 Nuri, which is a transport helicopter. This upgrade sound be good for at least ten years, which involves then receiving an all-new glass cockpit and the rotorcrafts avionics. This upgrade also changed the electronics to have a digital flight display and a moving map.

The first Nuri that got upgraded it took them five months to complete the process, this was done at Subang Airport which is on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. People don’t think the Nuri has had a lot of flight hours because of its age but has an estimate of 40,000 hours. With this upgrade, they airframe and components will be inspected and replaced if they don’t pass the test. At ASAP Semi, we like to know all parts and components of these Nuri so we can get all parts in stock, so they can just contact us for all replacement parts.

Bahari is looking for more projects to begin, they want to focus on the Lockhead Martin C-130 by upgrading the avionics and structure. The company has had great success in the past years with a $25-million-dollar deal with the US Navy, as well as upgrading the MRO for the Libyan air force. The next project that they are focusing on getting next is the upgrade of the cockpit and avionics for the Malaysia’s fleet of C-130’s. they plan on teaming up with Rockwell Collins a leader in aviation electronic solutions to get this deal because they feel like their knowledge can be a great help to being successful.

At Just Parts Unlimited we like to research aircrafts and find every part and their manufacturer that goes on the aircrafts, so when someone gets a deal like this we can stock our inventory. Projects like these are useful information to have and get our company name out there and gain ta good repetition from customers. 


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