Helicopter Malfunction Causes Two Dead in Efforts of Keeping Peace in Mali

The United Nations is one of the world’s largest peace keeping organization that is stationed in many parts of the world that require assist with civil war and other life threating events. Since 2013 the UN has been stationed in Mali to keep the peace by overseeing a peace treaty that was signed by the African government and the Tuareg-led rebels.  Over the years the area of Mali continues to be under attack by the AQIM terrorist group forcing the German Military to increase their own to join the UN.

On July 26th during combat two soldiers experienced a helicopter malfunction resulting in causalities. The soldiers were in an airbus Tiger Military Helicopter that slowly came apart midair. Losing its rotor blades prior to reaching the ground was an observation made by Bundeswehr, German armed forces. The crash was located 43 miles from the city of Gao, Mali.

Authorities still are not sure what caused the malfunction and state and advise that is still “too early to point fingers.”

Airbus the manufacturer of the helicopter was addressed but would not give any extensive information and agreed to cooperate with authorities. 

Germany's military spokesman Jens Flosdorff suggests that the event may have been caused a manufacturing defect of a mistake in maintance.

Per Germanys Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen statement to a German newspaper “Passauer Neue Presse “, believes that there is nothing having to do with the training of the operators. Due to the devasting news, the German armed forces ceased all flights with similar helicopters for full inspection.

Due to Malis high heat levels the Tiger helicopter requires more routine maintance checkups to function at full potential. 

Germany forces continues to work countless hours to look for a solution for this devastating event

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