Explanation of Connector Parts and Backshell Assemblies

For  those who are not familiar with what a backshell assembly is or what it does for a connector, they are basically the back side of a connector and are normally on a separate part that locks or screws onto the connector shell. Because they are separate pieces, some supplier companies consider this to be an accessory piece. For more information on what a backshell assembly does for a connector, read the article below.

Connector backshells are purposefully made so as to secure the rear part of the connector shell (the plug or receptacle part) that harbors the opening to which the cables or wires will be soldered. The backshell might consist of a cable clamping mechanism that can convey strain relief to the wires or cables. What this will do is stop the mechanical stress from interfering with the crimped terminals or with the connector’s soldering. This is important because the strain and stress relief can guarantee a good performing connector and a longer lifetime duration. These two are vital because in such mission-critical applications. Connector backshells can also provide sealing protection against harsh environments, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI), and can serve as a grounding point for the cable shield drain wire.

The connector itself is built from at least two separate component assemblies known as the plug and receptacle which intermate to connect wires with pin and socket contacts. Positive electrical contact is when there is a coupling of the holding plugs and receptacles and when the shape of the connectors wire together so as to create the contact that determines the basic connector families. The method each connector family utilizes to make a connection divides each connector family into contact types--Crimp contact, insulation displacement contact, solder contacts, and fiber-optic terminal. Each contact termination method describes the contact, crimp, solder, insulation displacement contacts, or fiber-optic terminal. Overall there are many complexities to the backshell assembly but ultimately its goal is to interconnect the wiring system.

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