Molex Releases Impact zX2 Connector to Meet Demands

Posted on March 17, 2017 Jack Kartan Connectors

On February 16 2017, there was an article posted on Intelligent Aerospace by Courtney E Howard talking about how Molex is introducing an impact zX2 backplane connection in order to satisfy the needs of high speed data. This Molex connector will allow users to have the ability to upgrade their line cards in order to meet data rates without having to do major overhauls to the already complicated infrastructure.

Here is what officials say about the Impact zX2 backplane connector system.

“The zX2 system is backward compatible with standard Impact headers, allowing current Impact customers to keep their existing architecture in place while upgrading their chassis’ data rates.”

This connector can handle speeds up to 28 gigabits per second while using Impal patented shields to enhance performance.

Here is what Liz Hardin, the global product manager of Molex has to say about the release of the Impact zX2 connector.

“The Impact Connector System was created to enable customers to design-in a high-density connector solution; with Impact zX2’s optimized signal integrity performance and ability to support more aggressive channel loss requirements, customers can extend the life of their Impact chassis.

Molex is an electronics solution company that helps many customers on a worldwide basis. The company does business to over 40 countries around the world and deal with different markets such as electronics, medical, industrial, and automotive.

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