Newly engine depot introduced in TINKER AFB supporting RQ-4 engine

Posted on March 6, 2017 Jack Kartan Aircraft Parts

Another move taken towards backing the F-137 engine with new overhaul and repairing capabilities, which was a part of workload in joint operations with Rolls Royce for the first time.

Rolls Royce was recently recognized for the third time in a row as a superior supplier for the U.S Air Force. The unmanned aerial surveillance platform RQ-4 is powered by the F-137 engine which is a high by-pass class at a weight of 8000 pounds, assembled with a two spool turbofan engine. The Rolls Royce design on the commercial F137 has a reliable history which provides world class performance for this crucial mission. Today there are more specific and efficient ways to acquire aerial shots compared to relying on hot air balloons and binoculars during World War I, such as Global Hawk.

The F137 engine flies at an altitude of over 60,000ft and can be flown for over 30 hours of flight time. It has been known as a perfect fit for high altitude performance, including real-time high resolution and ISR collection (intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance). Even though technology has indeed advanced nowadays, the mission has remained.

The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex will be hosting the F137 maintenance repair work for the Department of Defense. To meet the growing maintenance standards in this engine, there would be a higher demand for hiring schedulers, programmers and maintainers to acquire full capabilities to support this project.

Rolls Royce CEO, Phil Burkholder stated that Oklahoma has marked the first time that the company has been involved with a private public partnership. Regardless of all the possible options that the company has globally, but they have still chosen to offer Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex the most premium support possible for this engine.

Burkholder also stated that the company is certainly honored to be involved in this project and performing engine management, services and logistics to the US Air Force as well as the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex. He also added that the company will continue to constantly deliver superior quality as well as outstanding efficiency and more convenient solutions to the customers.

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