Jaguar Land Rover Releases Two-Stage Turbocharger For Distribution Of Borgwarner

Posted on October 25, 2017 Jack Kartan Uncategorized

Borgwarner, an American auto component distributor obtains the rights to distribute a two-stage turbocharger procured by Jaguar Land Rover. New innovative engine technology is capable of efficient and ecofriendly performance characteristics. Equipped with a Turbocharged technology for optimal speed and performance. Built with a prime water-cooled compressor housing creates features such as a lowend torque. The new innovative technology will be able to perform at its highest all while lowering its emissions for a more ecofriendly ride from the customer.

Typically, SUVs have been well known for high emissions and costly gas usage. Brought together by experts at JLS, the team has been able to create one of a kind engine to modernize the SUV drives.

New features developed with the enhanced model is a variable turbine geometry that has been installed to create a higher pressure simultaneously with a lowered pressure exhaust gas recirculation.

 The exhaust gas recirculation is the prime factor to be able to lower emissions by a significant amount for these diesel and gas engines.  

Installed with an enhanced speed feature, the (VGT) creates an instant increase in speed by an electric accelerator.

BorgWarner has been able to capatlize on obtaining JLR components as they themselves can provide R2S turbocharging solutions that work hand in hand with the powerful products that JLR has been able to provide.

The addition of the two-stage turbocharger strengthens the relationship that JLR and Borgwarner have previously established. Continuously providing in JLR components has made it easier to be able to enhance the capabilities of BorgWarner customers throughout the years.  

Borgwarners turbo systems President and General Manager, Mr. Frederic Lissalde , states,” Our long-standing expertise in the field of advanced turbocharging technologies for combustion and hybrid propulsion systems enables BorgWarner to supply Jaguar Land Rover the leading R2S turbocharging system to help them achieve fuel efficiency and performance targets for their new 2.0-liter diesel engine. ”

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