Solar Paneled Plane Taken To Newer Heights to Reach Higher Goals

Posted on December 28, 2016 Jack Kartan Uncategorized

PC Aero alongside the intelligence of the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology built a solar panel aircraft that reached unbelievable heights known as the SolarStratos. This design was begun in the year 2014 and has come a long way by completing the development of the aircrafts hangar where it will be later be worked on and tested. This solar paneled plane the first of its kind and equipped with astonishing properties.

“The entire design measures 27.9 ft. (8.5 m) and has a wingspan stretching 81.7 ft. (24.9 m), weighing in at just 992 lbs. (450 kg). The solar panels cover 237 sq ft. (22 sq m) of the entire design. This provides power to the 32-kW electric engine and charges the 20-kWh lithium-ion battery.”

It has been able to reach remarkable points at an altitude of 80,000 ft. (24,000m). The SolarStratos will be the first two seated man airplane that will be able to reach the earths stratosphere. The SolarStratos is a solar plate covered aircraft that is able to be air bourn while being powered by these plates for over 24 hours.

The test mission has been said take an approximate 5 hours to complete all three segments of the entire mission. It will take the SolarStratos an estimated two hours to ascend into the earths stratosphere. Secondly, allow the Aircraft for only 15 minutes sightseeing before it will have descend for another 3 hours.

To reduce weight of the entire plane the aircraft has not been pressurized much like regular aircrafts. The pilots that are conduct these types of flights in the SolarStratos have been dressed and equipped with astronaut like gear with a pressurized suit. This pressurized suit has is powered by the aircraft its self therefore removing the possibility of adding a parachute increasing the pilot’s risks. The average temperature that it has said to reach at an incredibly low temperature of -94 °F (-70 °C).

“The public launch of the hanger and plane are set for early December 2016, and the first test flights will take place sometime in 2017.”
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