US Air Force Contracts Crystal Group to Refurbish B-2 Bomber Communication Technology

Crystal Group of Companies has been contracted provide the US Air forces rugged services that pertain to their B-2 Stealth Bombers. In dire need of an upgrade the Air force found Crystal in Hiwatha, Iowa that exclusively designs and manufactures “rugged computer hardware, including custom and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) rugged servers, displays, power supplies, and embedded computing, networking, and data storage systems” for efficiency in harsh conditions and environments. “Crystal is to implement incremental technology that will allow the B-2 ACS to be able to adapt in the latest commercial available electronics.

Although they expertise in Rugged Display the B-2 is only allowing for the Crystal Group to provide their “RS112 Rugged 1U Server, RS112PS18M Rugged 1U Carbon Fiber Server, and RD1119 Rugged Display.” The Air force innovations were triggered with the sole intention to enhance compact size, lightweight structure and easy to access. The RS112 Rugged 1U server is available in two configurations: one with four 3.5 inch drives and the other with two 2.5 inch drives. RS112PS18M Rugged 1U Carbon Fiber Server is made with incredibly light weight carbon fiber construction that allows for four 2.5-inch drive bays to be available.

The Crystal Group Guarantees for the B-2 fleet to abide by current and future communications requirements while providing It the ability to various mission profiles worldwide. Air Force has insisted for these technological updates to allow them to improve their ability their communication with their commanders and receive essential mission in the air. Being able to fly in the stealth mode the planes requires for its technology to be able to perform as well. The B-2 Spirit bomber, with its radar-evading stealth technology, is a versatile multi-role aircraft able to deliver a variety of munition types to targets around the world. “With the Addition of the Crystal Group products they envision to enhance its: reliability, its light weight construction, allow accessibility to immediate customer support and reduce maintenance.

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